Start a New Chapter

NASALSA is a great resource for instructions and advice on how to start a new South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) chapter or similar South Asian focused organization.

  1. Reach out to your school’s Office of Student Affairs or SBA about how to start a student run organization. Work with them to create an organization website and email address.

  2. We encourage all SALSA aspiring chapters to create Bylaws & a Constitution.

    Here are some sample Constitutions & Bylaws from schools that have/had active SALSA chapters:

    University of Chicago SALSA Bylaws

    University of Florida SALSA Constitution

    Boston University SALSA Constitution & Bylaws

    John Marshall Law School SALSA Constitution & Bylaws

    Santa Clara University SALSA Constitution

  3. Incorporate a board member who will be a NASALSA liaison for the chapter. Having a board member assigned to directly communicate with us will help you get access to NASALSA news and updates early on so you can plan ahead to attend our next conference and learn about scholarship opportunities/NASALSA board opportunities.

  4. Register your chapter with NASALSA using the Membership Tab above.

For specific questions and feedback, please contact us at